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Our new video for ‘Out of Sight’ now on VEVO.com.

directed by Jonathan Sterkenburg

(via thisistangarine)

Vincent’s Daydream

Vincent has the rare Leigh syndrome. This energy disorder impairs muscular (including speech) and cognitive development. The life expectancy for his condition is 10 years. On 10.10.10 Vincent became 10.

A short documentary we made using only images shot on 10.10.10.

Later another short will be published using all the material we shot on other moments.

a film by doctersterkenburg
score by christiaan docter
directed by jonathan sterkenburg

Creative Commons Licentie
Film & music is licensed under Creative Commons.


Television promo for Energy4All about Vincent who suffers from an energy disorder. Only after a few minutes of activity he has to rest for a long time. Vincent becomes 10 on 10.10.10.

Made by cinematographer Jonathan Sterkenburg and filmcomposer Christiaan Docter.

Come on, feel the Groningen!

This is the very first project by Groningen based arts duo DocterSterkenburg. This first film is a tribute to the city of Groningen, Netherlands.